Royal Horticultural Society, 2020

3rd place, Welcoming Garden Life

Ecaterina Leonte RHS diploma.jpg

International Garden Photographer of the Year, 2020

Finalist, Macro Project


National Geographic “Destinations of a Lifetime”



Lonely Planet "Colombia"


LOnely Planet Colombia.jpg

Bluebee Magazine, London

March, 2021



Book covers & interior

  • Sperling & Kupfer (Italy)

  • Piper Verlag (Germany)

  • ArsEdition (Germany)

  • Giger Verlag (Switzerland)

  • Peisa Ediciones (Peru)

  • Gonvill (Mexico)

  • Michael Edizioni (Italy)


Lima, Peru

  • Charitable photography exhibition “El Mar y Yo”, Regatas Club, Lima in collaboration with the Romanian Embassy in Peru, 2013


  • “Para qué necesito pies si tengo alas para volar?”, 2014


  • “Pensamientos a la orilla del mar”, 2015


  • “Romania” at the Romanian Embassy in Lima, 2015

Salt Lake City, Utah

  • "Planet Ocean", solo exhibition at the Salt Lake City Public Library, Anderson-Foothill branch. Feb 28 -  Apr 11, 2019

  • "Lost Words", collective exhibition for Safe Harbor Crisis Center at the Bountiful Davis Arts Center. April 2019


  • "Nature All Around Us", collective exhibition at the Natural History Museum of Utah in conjunction with the Museum’s 50th anniversary. October 2019 - May 2020


  • "Wild Perspectives", double exposure portraits & Nature Mandalas at Park City Library,  March - May 2020 (rescheduled) 


  • "Adobe & Utah Artists" collective exhibition. March - August 2020


  • "Love",  collaboration with Framework Arts. March 2020


  • "Nature Mandalas", abstract art solo exhibition at the Red Butte Garden. July 2020


  • "Lula's Petals", flowers under spectral light, TheBLOCKS. October. December 2020

  • “Aperture”, collective exhibition, Urban Arts Gallery. April 2021

  • “Strolling for Scholarships”, collective exhibition, The University of Utah. April 2021


Bio of sorts

          Through no merit of my own, I was born to loving parents and through no fault of my own, I was born in a communist country.  I was five at the time of the Romanian Revolution, not old enough to be distressed by the rationed food and rationed freedom, in great part because my parents' sacrifices to keep me well fed and well read. Like most people, as I grew up I learned from listening to my parents' life experiences. One element, something many of us take for granted, was a common theme in their stories:  Freedom.  Whether they did or did not have the liberty to choose became a permanent part of who they were, which of course would have an influence on me. 

          My parents' stories, their books and their own unfulfilled dreams of exotic travels instilled in me an unmitigated desire for the freedoms they were denied. I deemed myself as free so long as I could travel far. 

          The year I turned 18 I traveled abroad for the first time as part of a volunteer exchange program in Turkey. Later, between graduating from high school and going to university, I took a gap year to volunteer at a school for children with special needs in Oxfordshire, UK. I couldn't understand how my friends already knew what career they wanted to pursue straight out of high school while I was still confused.  How could I decide - at 20 years of age - what I was to do for the rest of my life? That gap year in England was an amazing experience in itself, but at the same time it helped me decide on a career path: Special Psychopedagogy. 

          After 4 years of University and halfway through my master's degree (in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy), it was becoming more apparent each semester: if I stayed I would never leave. Against everyone's advice I abandoned my studies and went to Peru to fulfill a life-long dream to see Machu Picchu. In my eyes Peru was the epitome of exotic. Somehow, as a 26 year old Romanian who didn't speak a word of Spanish, I found home in a boisterous, exuberant, chaotic, and beautiful new country. Over the next few years I would further explore my love for travel, seeking out experiences and finding more beauty than I can express.  The desire to capture that beauty is what led me to photography.